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Foster farm

est 2017

Morgan and Kevin began their journey to the farm around 2005.


Starting out with just a cat and dog, the Fosters slowly began collecting animals. Morgan was able to convince Kevin to let a second cat into the house, this effectively started the avalanche of taking in unwanted animals.


Over the years the Fosters have rehabilitated countless kittens and squirrels, rehomed dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, rats, lizards and pigs.

meet morgan

Always an animal lover; Morgan had aspirations of having a pet pig from a young age. The idea of a pig morphed into the idea of a farm over the years.


Volunteering with the Northumberland Humane Society began the years-long adventure into fostering kittens and pregnant cats.  


Morgan worked for several years at a veterinary clinic which lead to the adoption of several of their animals, including Faye, the pig. ​

meet kevin

Kevin has always enjoyed animals, growing up with dogs and cats. While on tour in Afghanistan, Kevin cared for a number of dogs, feeding them and caring for them until he came home.


When Kevin retired from the Military, he felt a calling to continue to help animals. This led to him attending St. Lawrence college to become a veterinary technician. Using those skills Kevin joined the SPCA to serve as an animal cruelty investigator for 3 years.


During his time in school, a placement at a dairy barn sparked a love of farm animals, which inevitably led to Walter’s rescue.

Foster Farm Animal Sanctuary is a registered non-profit. Located in Warkworth, Ontario, the Fosters have been on this beautiful farm since 2017. Dedicated to giving unwanted domestic and farm animals a forever home, the Fosters work hard to educate people about animals and the care required to keep them healthy and happy.


The first week on the farm brought a discarded chicken and a lonely pig; three years later, it has grown to accommodate over 42 permanent residents.  These residents each have a special place in our hearts and we love to share them with you.  

We'd love if you considered following our journey on Instagram or supporting the animals on our farm.

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