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meet the herd


DOB: May 2020

Edna came to us in July of 2023. She was born on a beef farm, she had quite a difficult entry into the world and the owners of the farm fell in love with this little lady, so they sent her here for her retirement. We were happy to give this shy girl a home, Walter didn’t mind either! Edna is somewhat suspicious of newcomers but she loves children; she will sneak up on them and give them a sweet little kiss with her purple tongue! We are so happy to have Edna join our herd! Looking forward to many years of admiring this beauty.


DOB: august 2016 | potbelly pig

Paisley was the second animal welcomed onto our farm.  Our very first pig!!  She came to our attention the week we moved to the farm.  Paisley’s previous owners were unable to take her with them when they relocated.  Moving from a very small pen in a backyard Paisley was quick to embrace farm life.  Insisting on starting every day with a belly rub, she spends most days sunning herself and wagging her tail. Shortly after her arrival on the farm we met Faye, Paisley (reluctantly) took on the role of ‘mother’ leaving us with two lovely, sweet pigs who willingly accept love and food anytime.

DOB: september 18, 2018
Walter was just 12 days old when he arrived on the farm.  We bottle fed Walter for the first 6 months he was here on the farm and he loved every minute of the attention he was given.  Nothing has really changed.  You can’t be outside without giving Walter a minute of your time.  He demands it.  He loves a chin scratch and a nice long chat.  Walter loves a good puzzle and is quite adept at sneaking out of his pen.  He loves to find the gardens and help himself. Walter is no longer the only cow on the farm, in July of 2023, Edna moved in! Walter came on a little strong but before long he and Edna were spending their days chewing cud together in the sun.

DOB: unknown | potbelly pig

What a little gentleman!  Henry came to us as a foster pig and we swore that we were pig full and would NOT be keeping him.  Didn’t quite work out that way, he won our hearts pretty quickly.  Henry is an early riser and is always waiting at the gate with a smile for his morning walk with the dogs. He will throw himself on his side at the slightest possibility of a belly rub.  His tiny stature makes him a hit with kids and people visiting pigs for the first time, but don’t be fooled.  Henry is the boss around here!  His sweet disposition and sense of adventure make him irresistible - along with those little ears!


DOB: 2015 (best guess!) | potbelly pig

An urgent phone call from our vet brought this little lady to us.  November of 2019 Ursula moved into the farm from a home.  Becoming increasingly aggressive toward the people she lived with, they were desperate to find her a new place to live.  Having lived indoors using a closet as her bedroom she wasn’t too impressed with the snow, the outdoors, or the other pigs. After a difficult transition Ursula began to come around, even allowing the occasional belly rub.  Proving to be somewhat difficult to win over we work with Ursula daily and love to see her coming around, wagging her tail and taking a long soak in the mud bath.


babydoll sheep

“He just wants you to pet him!” is heard whenever Paul is around.  Demanding love, he will not hesitate to throw his head (and body) into anyone who doesn’t promptly shower him with love.  Arriving with four other sheep and a wee lamb, this crew was quite shy around people.  They were in desperate need of a home when their previous owner was no longer able to properly care for them.  It didn’t take long for Paul to decide to give us a chance, he quickly began assisting in the chores for his crew everyday.  ‘Paul Duty’ soon became a job for any volunteer up to the task.  The only moment he doesn’t need your undivided attention is when he’s eating his grain.


DOB: march 2022

Our little Lemon came to us in the summer of 2022 with his sister Downey. They had serious issues with their limbs; after countless trips to the vet and endless splints, we were able to give them both a second chance. Downey was able to find an incredible family and spends her days in Ottawa.


Lemon is an absolute darling; his crooked leg doesn't slow him down! If he's not bounding around the farm, you will find him snuggled up to a kitten on the couch. We weren't looking for a puppy but he was looking for us! We love you so much Lemon!

Poppy & the Quads
poppy & the quads

poppy & the quads: patrick, david, alexis & stevie

Poppy, and her lovey kids, came to us Thanksgiving weekend in 2020. This brave doe gave birth to quadruplets in February - imagine the late-night feedings! Poppy has continued to be somewhat suspicious of us since moving in, ever watching and waiting, she knows everything that goes on around the farm. You can often find Poppy and her favorite baby, Stevie, together, eating hay, or laying in the sun.


The four little ones are all fun, all the time! They spend their days playing, running, and of course, eating. They are all wonderfully adventurous, jumping on their house, running full speed around the pen, and playing headbutt. Alexis and Patrick are bold and curious, coming up to any new visitors for love, or a treat.

P.J. & the mini tops

DOB: unknown

We have five different families of chickens that live on the farm. They all occupy different ‘territories’ around the barnyard and are very active within them. P.J. and the mini tops split their time between the goats and the pigs. If the sun is up, the chickens are out! They spend their days hunting for bugs, dust bathing, and grooming themselves in the sun. We love to watch all our chicken families; they are always up to something!


We are also home to Dylan and his girls, Stevie & the reds, Rob & Kim's crew and Ryan & Bernice.


DOB: may 2019

Starting out shy and bonding with only one hen at first, Dylan quickly became the leader of our flock. Watching over all the birds and keeping the peace, you can always find him giving instructions and strutting around the barnyard. If you want to know what's going on with the birds, just ask Dylan!

martha & percy

DOB: 2018 | march 2020

Martha came to the farm with the cutest little lamb that ever there was, Percy. He was about 4 weeks old when they arrived in April of 2020. The whole herd of sheep were not used to people, they had very little contact with humans for a long time before they moved to the farm. Slowly but surely, they are beginning to trust us, Martha will even allow the occasional pet. It took us a while, but we eventually worked out the key to Percy’s heart, green beans!


DOB: 2016

Vera came to our attention when we adopted our herd of sheep, she and her sister were living with them. We took these two ladies in with the intention of offering a temporary foster home. Thelma was adopted quickly, but Vera went overlooked for a long while. She is very shy and unsure of humans; it took us many months to get close enough to touch her. In September of 2020 we officially welcomed Vera to our herd, she is becoming more trusting every day. Our lovely Paisley has been showing Vera around, we hope it won’t be long before she snuggles in with her new pig family.

Sam, William, & Walter
sam & william

DOB: 2019

These two are a bonded pair, they came to us from a petting zoo that closed. They are both absolutely lovely, always up for a snuggle, or perhaps a shirt nibble. William is quiet and enjoys basking in the sun, our only goat without horns, he still loves to play headbutt with Patrick or David. Sam is into everything, always curious about what the other residents on the farm are up to. When guests come to visit, Sam is sure to thoroughly check their clothing, he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss out on snacks! Sam was born with some limb issues; he has been cast for leg braces and will soon be showing them off!

harold linda.png
harold & linda

Harold and Linda are both still quite shy and choosy about who they approach. Harold is our oldest sheep and keeps things pretty quiet, he likes to stick close to home. Linda becomes more and more curious of children with every one she meets. As the years go by, we have no doubt that these two will continue to become more comfortable around humans.

Donnie (1).jpg

Donnie has proven to be our most suspicious sheep. One of our older boys he is always watching, he knows where all the humans are at all times. Donnie has the most distinct bleat of his family; you know it’s him from a mile away.

Gus (1).jpg

Gus came to us in January of 2021, he was about 3 months old at the time. Gus was the product of a backyard breeder selling mini pigs. He was underweight, had mites, an ear infection, and skin lesions from all the scratching. We got him fixed up in a hurry and he’s been a curious, chatty little darling ever since. Gus in the only pig that lives in our home, you can find him snuggled up in front of the fire in the winter, or sunning himself on the balcony in the summer. Unfortunately, more and more pigs like Gus are looking for homes because people want a mini pig, in reality, a mini pig is actually a pot belly. They can grow to be 200+ lbs, they are smart, curious, and stubborn; they don’t always work out inside. Pigs need to be able to root, eat bugs, and explore during the day. Our little guy has time outside everyday to ensure he gets enough time to feel like a pig!

Phoebe & Persephone
phoebe & persephone

This mother-daughter duo are full of love and have lots to say. They arrived on the farm in July of 2021 and settled in quickly. A wonderful couple from Toronto saved these beauties from slaughter in February of 2021. The farm they were living on was no longer able to care for them, happily they found their way to us! Along with these loves, came their rescuers, they continue to support us and sponsor Phoebe and Persephone; we are very grateful to them. Our biggest challenge is going to be getting Phoebe down to a healthy weight; she is in for a long journey. We adore these ladies, they are all fluff, snorts, and love.

you were loved

We miss you all every day. The farm changes forever when someone leaves us, but it makes a space for us to give a home to someone new. You are forever in our hearts; thank you for spending your lives with us.

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